Hello all.  Welcome to my new blog.

I suppose I’ll start by giving a little background into the creation of this blog.  I was a philosophy minor, who focused on aesthetics in order to relate it to my major (Art History).  In a few of my classes we had to keep aesthetic journals, where we related moments of beauty or other occurences to what we were learning about in class.  I plan to keep this blog in a similar fashion, in fact the first few posts will be journal entries that I wrote for class.  I will try to post at least one new entry a week.  And yes, I’m essentially giving myself a homework assignment, but I need to do something to keep my brain active during this semester off I have.  Just an FYI to those unfamiliar with it, my writing style tends to be very stream-of-conscious-y.  I will try to keep the rambling to a minimum, but I offer no promises. 

I hope people enjoy my blog and find my views interesting and thought provoking.  I welcome comments, questions, debates, etc., since that’s a large part of philosophy.