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Talking Trudeau - Nixon - (Part 1:Tapestry Triptych (Left Section)). Helena Hernmarck, 1969

              Last week I visited the exhibit Crafting Modernism: Midcentury American Art and Design at the Museum of Art and Design for one of my classes and it got me thinking about the whole art vs. craft thing again.  This exhibit is perfect for revisiting this issue.  The first floor of the exhibit deals mainly with the designer craftsman and pieces that emphasize a handmade aesthetic.  The second floor focuses on artists who really blur the line between art and craft.  It was really nice seeing pieces like this in a gallery setting.  I really loved all the textiles.  They have a lot of hand woven pieces there and you can really get a sense of the texture and fibers involved.  There’s also a bunch of gorgeous jewelry and interesting furniture.  A lot of the pieces do blur the line between art and craft.  One of the curators who gave us a tour said how she really had to fight tooth and nail to even have the word “craft” in the title of the show because some head people were concerned that people wouldn’t want to come see an exhibit of craft.  This makes me sad.  First because I believe craft deserves its place in the gallery setting but also because it shows that they clearly aren’t in touch with the growing handmade/craft movement that’s resurging.  I think there are plenty of people who’d want to see a handmade/craft exhibit; maybe not at the Met or MoMA, but certainly at a place dedicated to design and even started out as a craft museum.  It’s clear that at least some artists embrace craft and I think it’s time the art/gallery world did as well.

For more information on the exhibit and images from it visit http://collections.madmuseum.org/code/emuseum.asp?style=browse&currentrecord=1&page=search&profile=exhibitions&searchdesc=Current%20Exhibitions&searchstring=Current/,/greater%20than/,/0/,/false/,/true&action=advsearch&style=single&currentrecord=1

Mosaic Table, Lee Krasner, 1947


Hello all.  I don’t really have time for a super-thoughtful entry at the moment.  But I wanted to encourage anyone in the NYC area to check out the Frans Hals exhibit at the Met before it closes October 10th.  I finally got to see it the other day and it’s great.  I’d seen a bunch of his work in my various art history classes, and getting to see the pieces in person was awesome.  I could really see the texture of the paint, the brushstrokes and all the little details.  There was one piece I stood in front of, just staring at the way he’d depicted the lace.  So yes, if you have any interest in paintings of this kind, I highly recommend getting your butt over to the Met. 

Frans Hals, Merrymakers at Shrovetide, oil on canvas, 1616

P.S. – The exhibit Infinite Jest: Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine is also really fun, but you have until March to see that one.